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Exemplar Wellcare is an Exemplar-Family Company, and a quad-bottom-line Benefit Corporation that works with.


Exemplar Wellcare provides commercialization assistance to its partner companies by working with our experts across industry verticals to determine the best way to package, sell, price, label, or deliver a product to consumers across industries.  Good commercialization expertise is the key to unlocking market potential by providing product-market fit at price-points that represent the value to the consumers in each market

Market Development

Exemplar Wellcare provides market development to all partner companies.  Market development involves strategic mapping of the global marketplace available for a particular product, by indication, geography, demographic, and identification of strategic distribution sources, from Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer distribution. 

Master Distributorship

Exemplar Wellcare serves as Master Distributor to its partner companies, by utilizing its commercialization and market development expertise to then identify, negotiate, and formalize the distribution network in all viable verticals globally, managing performance of distributor partners, pricing protection, engage channel partners, Business-to-Consumer channels, and offers ongoing innovation and market intelligence to partner companies for continued product development and improvement.  Exemplar manages all sales and distribution negotiations and contracting, expirations, distribution pricing and performance metrics by channel, and offers data and reporting to our partner companies.

Traditional distributorship relationships are characterized by fixed price guarantees, downward pricing pressure over time, and eroding margins to the manufacturing partner, creating a zero-sum game.   Exemplar operates on a value-creation theory of economics based in abundance rather than scarcity, and puts our client on the same side of the balance sheet with us to achieve not only full economic alignment but structural trust and partnership to permit the most advantageous outcomes for all. 

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